Health Concerns About Pet Waste

Did you know dogs eliminate waste up to two times per day?

Dog waste adds up quickly on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Three dogs can generate up to 168 dog piles in one month!

Referring to the following table…how much waste is collecting in your yard?

# of dogs 1st week # of dog piles 2nd week # of dog piles 3rd week # of dog piles 1 month # of dog piles One Year # of dog piles
1 dog 14 28 42 56 728
2 dogs 28 56 84 112 1456
3 dogs 42 84 126 168 2184


Does this happen in your yard?

  • Your dog(s) smells his or her own waste.
  • Your dog(s) roll in their own waste.
  • Your dog(s) or family accidentally walk in the waste.
  • Your dog(s) even eats his or her own waste.

If so, these activities can easily spread diseases to you, your family, and your dog(s). There are numerous types of bacteria, diseases, viruses and parasites that are carried in canine feces. Some of these diseases are:

  1. Parvo Virus
  2. Whipworms
  3. Hookworms
  4. Roundworms (ascarids)
  5. Giardia
  6. Coccidia.

Roundworm can have devastating effects, even causing blindness in children. Roundworms can develop within a couple of weeks and can live for months to years on your property. We recommend a weekly service visit to ensure protection against contamination and transmission to humans.

Health benefits provided by Scoopy the Poo™:

  • Stop Disease. We are able to rid your yard of accumulated waste and potential disease-carrying pests by eliminating the accrual of waste in your yard.
  • Identify Problems Early. We are able to inform you of any concerns regarding the pet waste that is removed from your lawn, such as diarrhea and/or bloody stool.
  • Protect Your Lawn. Canine waste is poisonous to lawns. It will kill your grass, not grow it or “fertilize” it. It is protein-based matter, not vegetative-based like horse manure. Because of this, it will take more than one year for canine waste to biologically decompose when left lying on the ground, and as it does, it drags all of the above-mentioned parasites into the soil with it where they will linger for years.
  • Keep Disease from spreading. We disinfect all tools and shoes after each clean-up. This eliminates cross contamination in the yards we service.

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