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The Story … how it all began

Scoopy the Poo™ is a fun and unique company that provides outstanding service and quality products to our clients, customers and their pets! Our story and business began in 2005 after reading an article about someone who started a dog waste removal company.  We were immediately intrigued with the business concept and the name Scoopy the Poo was created and our business began.

The second Scoopy the Poo idea (a/k/a The World’s Best Dog Waste Removal Equipment) was born out of frustration with the cheap and poorly designed pooper scoopers sold in retail stores; so we designed a quality product we now proudly sell all over the United States and Canada with global interest to sell in other countries. Why do we claim our equipment is the World’s Best?  Because we will gladly challenge any other product on the market and prove the Scoopy the Poo™ is far superior in durability, functionality, sanitation, and ease of use. Learn More >

After the launch of the equipment our next mission was to provide pet lovers with an On-line Pet Supply Store to buy quality products in the comfort of their own home and delivered to straight to their door.  We only feed our pets Life’s Abundance and can say with 100% confidence this company produces the best Holistic / Natural Pet Food, supplements and treats.  The product line is formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM a veterinarian who is committed to improving your pet’s health. So the question is:  If there was a pet food that would help your pet live a longer, healthier life & prevent unnecessary trips to the vet would you buy it?  Our answer is YES and we know Life’s Abundance is the only food that will provide your pets with the quality nutrients they need for a long healthy life.  Learn More >

Our affiliation with Life’s Abundance also provides opportunities for donations to be made to local and national Shelters and Rescue Groups with each purchase you make.  To learn more, please fill out the “Contact Us” form and we will respond promptly.  We thank you in advance for your purchases and contribution.


We wish you and your pets a long life of health, happiness, peace, love, and paw!

Service Testimonials

  • The $57.00 is a monthly charge for ongoing weekly poop scooping for two large dogs. The yard is good sized and the two dogs would be considered "award winning" poopers. I wish I had gotten this service a long time ago and I am sure the person who mows the yard would agree wholeheartly. The service provided is A+ and the person (Lori) who comes to do the scooping is thorough, thoughtful, accommodating, and loves pets and her chosen profession. Read More>

  • Our Dogs can’t wait to see you each week!  Thank you for your wonderful service week after week.

    Brenda C.  – Missouri

  • The best service we have!  Thank you!

    Janet R. – Kansas

  • Our yard looks great and I’m completely happy with your service!  We recommend your service to everyone that has a dog.

    Karen J. – Kansas

  • The subject of pooper scoopers was brought up at our dinner party the other night.  I told everyone they need to call you.  Thank you for our discount for our last referral.  We love your quality work and service!  Boomer loves it too!

    Tom K. – Missouri

  • Just want to thank you so much for your outstanding service.  It has been just under a year since I started using your service, and you are superb.  As you know, I used a different service for approximately 5 years.  None can compare with you.  I know when you have been here even before I see your note on the door (which is much appreciated) as I can walk out into the yard and it is like someone literally vacuumed it, and we’re talking 3 dogs! Read More>

Equipment Testimonials

  • Dear Scoopy the Poo:

    I’m sending you a picture of my sweet Alley Mae.  She’s the one that leaves me the “presents” to pick up and honestly, I can not brag enough about your fantastic product!  I clean my yard in half the time it used to take me when I used the “cheap” equipment you buy at the retail stores. Read More>

  • The best money I’ve ever spent on a pet product.

    Bob C. – Missouri

  • I do not want to start my business without your product.

    Matthew W. – Texas (Pooper Scooper Company)

  • We love our pooper scooper for cleaning our dog resorts.  Your product makes our job 100% easier.  Thank you!

    Cindy C. - California

  • I use your equipment in my grooming shop.  Easy to clean up hair and also the waste the dogs leave behind.

    Kathy R. - Illinois

  • Your equipment is a must have for my new poop scooping business.  I’m glad I found your product.

    Robert K. – Florida

  • I can’t believe how your equipment has made my life so much easier!  I wish I would have invented it!

    Sarah M. - Colorado

  • This scooper is a godsend.  In addition to cleaning up the intended materials, I cleaned up what seemed like ten tons of leaves out of my Iris bed, which is rather extensive.  That little rake is really neat because it can get between the plants where a big rake cannot.

    Judy L. – Missouri

  • I am sending a note for the donation of the great "pooper scooper" for our silent auction.  Your donation helped us to raise almost $70,000 for the American Cancer Society so we are excited.  And please know that I use my scooper every week.

    Wendi C. - Kansas

  • I used the Scoopy the Poo kit last night at the greyhound kennel, and it worked great! Plus, the bucket was large enough for me to clean up after all the dogs without having to make repeat trips across the yard to empty the pan or drag the old bucket around with me. It may not seem like a lot, but using Scoopy the Poo equipment last night saved me time and it was easier too. It's a definite keeper! Read More>

  • I have used scoopy a few times and love it!  I'm thrilled with the convenience and amount of time I save using this rather than my previous rake and shovel.

    Sheila V. - Missouri

  • We use the Scoopy the Poo equipment at our local Shelter and it has made all the difference in the world for ease of use and making the job of cleaning up dog waste much easier (and quicker).  Now the volunteers fight over who gets to use your equipment.  I’m sending my order in to buy more scoopers.

    Thomas J. - Nebraska

  • Since receiving my "Scoopy the Poo” waste bucket jobs around the yard jobs have become some much easier.  What I like most about the bucket is the versatility of it.  Not only does it make the unpleasant job of cleaning up the dog waste in the yard pleasant and efficient, it also makes cleaning up other yard debris a breeze.  It takes the strain out of cleaning up the fall leaves and trash that blows into the yard. Read More>

Mission Statement

Scoopy the Poo™ is dedicated to making life easier for dogs and their owners by removing “unpleasant accumulation of waste” so everyone can enjoy a clean yard throughout the year. We believe in providing service that surpasses our clients’ expectations through affordable pricing, dependability, communication, and commitment to 100% guaranteed satisfaction of our services. Our overall goal is to build a strong relationship with our clients, their dogs, and our community.

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Scoopy the Poo™
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About Scoopy the Poo

Scoopy the Poo™ is a fun and unique family-owned company that provides outstanding service and quality products to our clients, customers, and their pets! Our story and business began in 2005 after reading an article about someone who started a dog waste removal company. Our three dogs have enjoyed the benefits of a clean yard since then, so Scoopy the Poo™ was created to provide the same service to others.